Louisvile Lightning: Parking 101
The atmosphere is electric.  The stands are packed.  The kids’ zone is bouncing.  The concessions are flowing.  The music is bumping.  The game is intense...Hold up, hey... what about the hassle it took to get into the place?!?
Dear Lightning Fans:  We want you to know that we understand that parking can be quite the adventure (sometimes misadventure) at our home games.  While some die-hards do actually claim that the shuttles are a fun part of the experience, we know that it can also be an inconvenience.  
So what the heck are we doing about it?
Here’s the deal:  We only have 123 spots at the facility.  We’ve had conversations and negotiations with every establishment in the vicinity, and have locked down the following parking lots:

1. The auxiliary lot at KingFish
2. A section of spots at the Ramada Inn
3. A portion of the lot at the old River Road Country Club from the Louisville Water Company
4. St. Leonard’s Church lot (for our players, staff, dance team and officials to keep spots open for you)

We contract two shuttle buses and rent a van that start running at 6:30 PM and continue all night. We have signage galore and up to 10 staff members stationed at the lots to direct you where to go. Despite our preparations, trial and error, and improvements, we realize that we need to do more! So we are!