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Name: Keith O’Loane

Date of Birth: 4/9/1968

Weight: 200

Height: 6’2"

Position: GK

Pro, Reserve, or Juventus Squad: Professional

Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky

Brief Story: This is Keith O’Loane’s first year with the Louisville Lightning Professional Indoor Soccer Team. O’Loane played youth soccer in Louisville for the Louisville Spirit and went on to play collegiate at the University of Dayton. At the University of Dayton, O’Loane holds the Horizon League record for saves in a single season with 169, and he also is #8 on the list for saves all time in the Horizon League. O’Loane also spent some time playing professional soccer in the USISL (turned into the USL) for the Louisville Thoroughbreds and the Lexington Bandits.

Awards and Honors: Horizon League record holder for saves in a single season while playing for the University of Dayton. Also, #8 in the Horizon League all-time for saves in a collegiate career.