Although numerous dental care facilities exist in the Louisville area, Schaefer Aesthetic General Dentistry strives to provide comprehensive dentistry designed to give patients radiant, lasting results. Employees deliver the highest quality dental care available by continually updating their skills and knowledge, while placing the highest value on the patient and his or her needs. Schaefer Dentistry embodies compassion, respect, professionalism, and proficiency in order to generate an optimal dentistry experience.

Louisville Lightning player Olly Dyson recently utilized the services of Schaefer Dentistry; after receiving outstanding care and exceptional results, Dyson strongly endorses Schaefer Dentistry, encouraging Lightning fans throughout Louisville to rely on this practice to tend to their dental needs.

“From start to finish my experience with Schaefer Dentistry was a really positive one,” Dyson reveals. “The staff at the front desk was very helpful when I was scheduling my appointment and made me feel very welcome upon my arrival. The treatment I received went very well, and I'm really pleased with the results. I even received a call the next day to check on how I was doing. I strongly recommend Schaefer Dentistry to all Lightning fans.”

Sincere courtesy, empathy, and professionalism define Schaefer Dentistry; the highly trained staff delivers only superior dental care to each and every patient in the Louisville area. Olly Dyson and the Louisville Lightning strongly endorse this practice and fully believe in its mission to deliver premium dental care to all patients that enter its doors.