Rejuvenate Your Career

Professional Development Program

The Professional Development Program is designed for adults who are interested in rejuvenating their careers. This program is the perfect opportunity to help you keep active, polish your skills, and maintain a consistent resume in spite of a busy lifestyle.



Don’t Let Your Busy Life Hold You Back

The Louisville Lightning understands it is sometimes difficult to find fulltime employment due to responsibilities with family, economic issues, or personal pursuits. For these same reasons, you might be having a hard time finding work experiences willing to work around your busy schedule.

Your time is important. Regardless of what you have going on, the Louisville Lightning would like to help you take steps toward developing a future career. The Professional Development Program is for individuals who want to improve or polish their professional skills en route to a new career. This unique program is a stepping stone for those parents, family members, and consumate professionals looking for a way to transition back into the work place after periods of low activity. 

In today’s world, experience and networking are vital to achieving goals. There is no better way to rejuvenate your career goals than beginning a rewarding experience with a professional sports organization.



Advantages of the Professional Development Program

Whether you are exploring new options or you know exactly what career path you wish to pursue, the Lightning’s Professional Development Program is designed to assist participants in achieving their goals.

Participants will enjoy behind the scenes access to the professional organization. Individuals will learn what it takes to work with a professional organization while working on a self-selected schedule that fits their specific needs. 

An ideal experience and list of responsibilities will be developed for each participant regardless of skill set, background, and time constraints. Participants are encouraged to engage in activities that relate to their specific career of interest. More importantly, opportunities for leadership, project management, and portfolio development are provided throughout the program to ensure each participant leaves with a set of experiences that future employers find valuable for any company.



Examples of Professional Development Programs

Each program is designed to suit the needs of the individual involved. Whether you are a soccer mom returning to the workforce or someone who is working another full time job while pursuing your passions, the Lightning will be able to outline a program to assist.

Some general areas of pursuit may include (but are not limited to):


Administrative Assistance


Dance Team Coordinator/Administrator

Event Operations


Graphic Design

Personal/Team Training

Social Media

Sponsorship Activation, Sales, and Devlepment

Sports Writing

Sports Broadcasting

Ticket Sales