Join the 2010-2011 Lightning Booster Club



The mission of the Louisville Lightning Booster Club is to facilitate and promote activities, games, and programs in conjunction with the team. The club will work with the Lightning's players, coaches, and administrators in identifying specific needs of the program, such as improving player talent pool, boosting game attendance, and providing a fun, enjoyable environment. The Lightning and the boosters will  enhance the quality of life in Louisville by providing the highest value sport entertainment in the region while helping to develop the sport of soccer.


The vision of the Louisville Lightning Booster Club is to create a model that allows young players to develop into the amateur and professional levels of soccer while contributing to their community. Players will have opportunities to be mentored by members of the Booster Club with the goal of providing viable employment opportunities and housing during the season. Boosters will also assist in spreading news related to Lightning events and programming The Boosters Club will be innovative, visionary leaders who love soccer and desire to participate in a program that transcends social and economic barriers.


Do you, or someone you know, have access to available housing or apartment rooms? Would you like to help Lightning players from out of town during the 2010-2011 season? The Lightning Booster Housing Program is designed to provide free or reduced cost living to players who might be relocating to Louisville for the 2010-2011 season. Please send details to 


Become a founding member of the Louisville Lightning Booster Club by purchasing your 2010-2011 season tickets today! Contact Nick Stover at